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    Curation Planner Reviews

    Based on 2027 reviews
    Beautiful Planner

    Company has outstanding customer service. Planner has heavy paper that handles wring without bleeding. Organized my week and month just right!


    it was a great present both me and my mum love to share things like this I love the colour. it's exactly what I wanted. I'm so glad I found this brand.

    Good layout but I prefer ivory or recycled paper

    Gorgeous as always.

    This is my third edition of Curation. I love it. A4 provides enough space for me as a teacher. I can’t add unrealistic amounts of stuff to my daily to do list which I find is just as important as having enough space to write what I need. I am still learning to use all the other spaces but I love this planner. The yearly colour choices are always beautiful.

    Love love Saint Belford

    Gorgeous planner ! Can’t wait to start using my gorgeous pink planner! Love the planner cover also! So lovely to use and hold. Thanks Saint Belford!

    Second year a Saint Belford Planners

    Trying a smaller size for 2024 but I loved using my large 2023 planner! Also ordered the stickers and the page dividers which are sooo cute.

    Curation 2024 Diary Planner

    3rd times the charm!

    This is the 3rd year I'm using Saint Belford's Curation planner and it definitely won't be the last. This planner is so practical and so well designed and laid out. I've always struggled finding a planner that I actually use past April and this one has now made it through an entire year 3 times. The self-care features are amazing for someone with anxiety like me and it's just honestly amazing.

    Vintage denim planner with the papaya tabs is such a nice combo!! Love Love Love

    Curation 2024 Diary Planner

    Best Planner Yet

    I have a planner obsession. I have tried so many planners over the years and the Curation is the ONLY one that truly has it all in one place! I don't need to Frankenstein one together. It is all there. This is my second year buying Curation and I foresee continuing into the future.

    My most trusted companion

    The A3 curation diary is the greatest journal and planner. I have already purchased my 2024 version and could not recommend this product more highly.

    Love this planner and can't wait to plan out my 2024.

    Loving my Curation 2024

    Curation 2023 is the first planner I've had real success with. It's kept me on track, has plenty of space for recording most facets of my day, and the A5 (and compendium) fits perfectly in my bag.

    Helps that it's also just gorgeous to look at! I've gone with hot pink for Curation 2024 and couldn't be happier with my choice!

    I'm already filling in goals for 2024 and happily "living in the now" with Curation 2023.

    The only planner I'll ever need

    I've tried so many planners and the Curation Planner is the only one I'll ever need again! I will repurchase it over and over again. It's easy and complete! I love that I have one place to braindump, plan and remind myself to self care. Can't wait to start the new 2024 planner.

    Sticker Rating

    I quite like some of the changes to the stickers this year, a little more useful with the numbers of each (I ran out of dollar signs and holiday last time). I kiss the little banners (string of triangles) and could do woth some stickers that read "canceled" rather than only rescheduled stickers but otherwise you guys are always improving. Thanks for continuing to crank out my favorite planner to date!

    Habit forming in the best way

    I’ve used a Curation Diary Planner for almost a year now and I don’t miss my former planner. Ever. The size, quality, and design of the Curation Planner suits me. I like the distinctions between intentions, missions and habits. The daily and weekly layouts give me space to both micro-journal and schedule. I also appreciate the YouTube guidance videos and the customer service is quick and friendly. If it came with a pocket, it might be six stars. ;) An all-round great product. Thank you, Saint Belford.

    My Daily Life Companion

    The Curation diary is the most functional all-in-one health, scheduling, mindfulness, personal diary and so much more. This is my fourth Curation diary! Its quality is amazing inside and out, and there is so much room to personalise and really make it your own guide to taking control of the different aspects of your life

    Loving my Curation 2024 Diary Planner

    I have tried using a variety of online and computer tools to plan my work/play/life, however, nothing beats the ability to actively plan and take notes on the fly in my planner, and presented in its beautiful and protective A5 Compendium. Love it! - Patrick QLD

    Curation 2024 Diary Planner (A4)

    Curation 2024 Planner (Large 8.3" x 11.7")

    2024 Diary

    Love my orange cover - a significant change of choice from black for the last 2 years! Intend to make a determined effort to integrate my financial monthly tracking within the diary. Even though I use Google calendar I find I still need a ‘paper diary’ to keep my life on track. Just love it & it’s self management focus & prompts.

    Curation 2024 Diary Planner

    Must have every year.

    This is my 3rd year purchasing this item and I can’t go without it. Helps me stay on track with my goals both personal and financial. Love the way there is enough space so I can use it as a journal as well as a planner. I highly recommend it.


    Curation 2024 Diary Planner

    Arrived quickly and in good conditions.