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Unlike traditional planners, Curation focuses on self-care, gratitude, mindfulness and habits.

We've incorporated over a dozen tools to help you prioritize your wellbeing, form lasting habits, stay on track with your most meaningful intentions and celebrate your progress along the way.

The double-page Pre-Week Planner, Weekly Gratitude Reflection, Daily Self-Care Planner, Habit Curator and Your Cue (Weekly Mindfulness Challenges) are unique and powerful features our customers love.

In fact, the Habit Curator and Tracker is rated the most loved and frequently used feature every year.

You're not alone—from a customer survey, we learnt that losing motivation and veering off course due to doubts and fear of failure were common struggles people faced when working towards their goals.

This inspired us to incorporate journalling prompts onto the Missions pages to help you debunk your fears, identify the cost of inaction and overcome the mental barriers that prevent you from reaching your goals. We've also included a progress bar to visually track and celebrate your milestone.

The Pre-Week Planner includes a Mission in Progress feature for you to review and prioritise your small rock goals to move you closer to your mission goal.

These are powerful features that serve as an additional source of motivation.

In addition, we create free eBooks and resources online throughout the year to help you follow through with your intentions.

That's awesome! If you following through with your intentions isn't a struggle, then you will appreciate the ability to mindfully map out your goals and develop a deeper sense of clarity around your intentions.

You will likely feel a greater sense of organization as you can manage your daily tasks alongside your long-term goals, visually track your progress, practise gratitude, track your habits, schedule self-care and celebrate your milestones—all in one place. 

Absolutely! And we're excited that you're embarking on this journey. Putting yourself first and prioritising self-care can take some getting used to. That's why we've integrated features to help you turn self-care into a daily habit.

There is a dedicated space for you to schedule daily self-care. This is strategically positioned at the top of your to-do list to help prioritise what matters most—YOU and your wellbeing!

Nestle at the front of Curation is our Self-Care Menu where you have plenty of space to record your favourite routines and rituals to support your wellbeing. This is your curated reference guide for when you need a little inspiration to bring into your day. 

You might also find this resource helpful: 150+ Self-Care Ideas & Resources.

Investing in the Curation planner means investing in your personal growth and overall wellbeing. Our customers tells us Curation really has been a game changer in their life and more likely to follow through on and reach their goals. 

With a price of $49.95, the planner offers over a dozen tools for your lifestyle needs, all within a beautifully designed planner that promotes physical and mental organisation.

Our planners are also made with high-quality materials from ethical suppliers, ensuring premium quality while minimising environmental impact. 

Read our customer testimonials here.

We've created an extensive Guide to Using Curation 2023 that includes written explanations and video tutorials so that you can get the most out of every feature.

If you have any questions we haven't covered in the guide, you are always welcome to email us: hello (at)

We've had plenty of Curation users say the exact same thing. They haven't been able to stick to a planner in the past, but many of them have found that Curation has worked for them. 

"It's been the first planner I've stuck with. I have a tendency of using a planner for a week and popping a planner aside."

"The only diary [planner] I've been consistent with all year round. The best features that make me want to use it every day."

You may want to consider an undated planner to dip in and out of it when needed. This will also help you avoid an all-or-nothing mindset when using your planner. Our blog has plenty of tips to help guide you.

If accountability is what you're after, we have created a Facebook group for Curation users to support one another throughout the year.

We haven't created an app as we believe there are just too many benefits associated with writing things down that cannot be replicated by digital tools. Here are 3 life-changing benefits of putting pen to paper.

For every 100 people who use Curation for at least 30 days:

93 report at least one positive change or benefit to their life.

75 build better habits with the Habit Tracker.

And 1 person returns it.

With over 2000+ five star reviews, it's safe to say customers have had some pretty amazing results.

Take a look at a handful of customer reviews here

A5 Curation 2024 Planner (Original)

  • Dimensions: 8.45x6.10x0.91in
  • Weight: 1.25lb

A5 Curation 2024 Planner (Mini)

  • Dimensions: 8.45x6.10x0.59in
  • Weight: 0.87lb

A4 Curation 2024 Planner 

  • Dimensions: 11.97x8.46x0.94in
  • Weight: 2.65lb

The Mini includes all the features you know and love except the double page Pre-Week Planner. 

The Mini also features a modified weekly spread layout which includes: 

  • This Week's Priorities: space for you to list your most important tasks for the week. This is similar to the Mission in Progress feature, but there are fewer lines allocated for This Week's Priorities.
  • Gratitude Reflection:space for you to practise weekly gratitude
  • 5 lines allocated to each day (instead of 6)

Here's a short video explaining the differences and a table outlining the features included in each option.

A5 Curation 2023 Planner is perfect if you can't live without the double-page Pre-Week Planner, and your planner tends to live on your desk.

A5 Curation 2023 Planner (Mini) is perfect if you're searching for a lightweight, more portable planner and don't require the extra space of the Pre-Week Planner.  

A4 Curation 2023 Planner is designed to be a desktop planner. It's perfect if you require much more room for planning and organising your weekly agenda and if your planner lives in one location. 


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