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For every 100 people who use Curation for at least 30 days:

93 report at least one positive change or benefit to their life.

75 build better habits with the Habit Tracker.

And 1 person returns it.

The A4 version of Curation works out to be a $0.22 per day investment over a full year.

Yes! We understand purchasing the perfect diary, planner or journal can be a difficult task, especially when shopping online.

Sometimes you just need to feel it first, flick through the pages and immerse yourself in the contents before you know it's the one.

That's why we offer 60 day returns on all diaries, planners and journals from our online store, new or used. Plus, we'll pay for the return shipping if you're in Australia.

Your wellbeing can still reap the benefits and enhance your quality of life even if you only use a few features.

For instance, the Daily Self-Care Planner and Habit Curator/Tracker will help you create small yet powerful habits, routines and rituals that support your goals.

And naturally, don't pressure yourself into using all the features. They'll always be there when you're ready to build them into your day. 

Each planner comes with a "How To" leaflet showing suggested ways to use each feature.

We also have an extensive How To Guide with video and written tutorials.

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