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Mental illness is a silent yet raging epidemic, affecting around 3 million Australians.

Having witnessed and experienced firsthand the paralysing effects of mental illness, we want to show our support to the wider community by donating a percentage of our sales to Beyond Blue and R U OK? who are dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by anxiety, depression and suicide.

You can give yourself a pat on the back knowing that your purchase is making a huge difference. 

Since launching Saint Belford in 2017, we've proudly donated a total of $20,500 to Beyond Blue, R U OK? and the Bushfire Disaster Appeal. 

Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue provides an abundance of information, resources and support to help everyone in Australia achieve their best possible mental health, regardless of age and location.

As well as tackling the stigma, Beyond Blue is dedicated to breaking down the barriers that prevent people from speaking up and reaching out.

The ultimate goal is to provide people with the confidence to support those around them and make anxiety, depression and suicide part of everyday conversations.


R U OK?'s vision is a world where we're all connected and protected from suicide.

Their mission is to inspire and empower everyone to meaningfully connect with the people around them and support anyone struggling with life.

R U OK? also provides an abundance of information and support so that we can feel confident in starting and continuing the conversation.


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To assist in the transitional period associated with returning to work, and to ensure that products with minor cosmetic imperfections still go to good use, we've donated over 300 copies of our Curation diary to Fitted For Work and Wear For Success - two incredible organisations that are serving the community in more ways than one. 


Fitted For Work

Fitted For Work is a community organisation dedicated to helping women experiencing disadvantage regain their confidence and secure employment. Since launching in 2005, they have helped over 24,000 women courageously break through barriers to get and keep work. 


Wear For Success

Launched in 2011, Wear For Success is a not-for-profit organisation, providing professional clothing and work skills training to help people who are struggling to gain the confidence they need to secure employment. Run by a dedicated group of volunteers and management team, Wear For Success have helped over 3,800 people on their journey back to work.  


The Bushfire Disaster Appeal

We donated $5,500 (100% of our profits from 4th–5th January 2020) to the Bushfire Disaster appeal which be directed to communities in need.